Why Empower Your LIfe?

  • The Struggle

    Have you been struggling along, futilely trying to change, desperately wanting to get things to be different, wondering why you keep making the same poor choices with the same negative results? Does it seem like life is one constant battle in every way?

  • The Truth

    The information contained in these modules sheds light on why your life feels stuck, why you feel anger, sadness, confusion and hopelessness so often. It gives empowering ways to transform permanently from the inside so life can shift on the outside!

  • The Steps

    Empower Your Life is based on the revolutionary Perfect Life Awakening core inner transformational information, observational exercises and guided inner delving. It's all about getting underneath your programmed false beliefs and pulling them up by the roots. By doing this, you'll discover who you really are, feel empowered to make different choices and perceive yourself, others and life in new ways!

What You'll Learn in Module One

  • Learn about the three parts of your consciousness, how your mind works

  • Start to recognize your "primitive," fear-based, programmed "Lower Self" and how it's controlling your life subconsciously

  • Learn why these three aspects of who you are are so often at odds with each other

Course curriculum

Is PLA calling your name?

Do you feel ready to take your first step and make a true commitment to shift your life? Trust that pull, it wouldn't mislead you! Know that you will be absoulutely supported the entire way! Deserve!

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